Green Valley Pharmacy is Ottawa's Local, Friendly Pharmacy.

Green Valley Pharmacy is Ottawa’s Local, Friendly Pharmacy.

Green Valley Pharmacy has its roots in the dispensing and counselling of fertility medications. Initially founded as part of the Ottawa Fertility Centre, the pharmacy eventually developed its own identity to expand its services to better accommodate the community. We continue to support research in fertility treatment, and our collaborative relationship with the clinic physicians positions us as Ottawa’s experts in fertility treatment. 

Becoming independent gave the pharmacy the privilege to expand its inventory and dispense any and all prescription medications. The change also made it possible to bill patients’ insurance plans online, resulting in faster, hassle-free reimbursement. This is particularly important to many patients receiving costly fertility medications.

We strive to go above and beyond the essential services in pharmacy practice. We encourage patients to book a consultation with the pharmacist to discuss their medications and health conditions. Green Valley Pharmacy offers a number of services that can save you time and money to help you make your health a priority. Visit us and discover how we can serve you better.

Green Valley Pharmacy now offering free delivery in Ottawa